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07 September 2009 @ 04:39 pm

heey girlies! this is a mod post. i know, we don't like them :( i just rejected a ton of people.. and i feel really bad! i wish i could accept all of you. it's nothing personal. you are more than welcome to apply again once you fit the requirements...

If your profile does not obviously state you are a girl you will not be approved.

If your journal consists of no entries you will (probably) not be approved.

If you don't have a link to a separate profile (ie:myspace/facebook/etc) you will (probably) not be approved. *If you do not have one, you can take a picture of yourself holding a piece of paper with your username & stoner_girls written on it*

If you are inquiring about a declined request or a pending request please MSG either seashellz, glass_doll, or simply_hope. Do not comment on our personal journals regarding this group's membership.

If your membership request is denied your profile must have no met our criteria, this doesn't mean you can't fix the problem and try again, we just can't keep pending requests in our inbox, as we get many requests a day for membership.

Once your request has been approved please introduce yourself:

All recent posts have been friendlocked! You must join to see them.

19 December 2008 @ 11:09 am
I get so many msgs asking WHY OH WHY didnt I get accepted?
read the rules on the info page

If your profile does not obviously state you are a girl you will not be approved.

If your journal consists of no entries you will (probably) not be approved.

If you don't have a link to a separate profile (ie:myspace/facebook/etc) you will (probably) not be approved.

and just saying "I'm Heather. Im 19. I live in Orlando" etc.. is not proof of anything. I know I have made pretty darn good fake journals and profiles before - so you have to have a lil more PROOF!

Im tired of trying to be nice and accepting people that turn out to be dirty old men. So then I try to have tougher qualifications and I get msgs.

27 March 2008 @ 11:22 pm

Was enjoying my nightly spliff when I came across this little number....


Mass violence spreads as emos march for peace

A wave of violence against emo kids is spreading across Mexico, with the music fans being attacked by mobs in the street, and further
of large-scale attacks in Tijuana during the forthcoming Feria de San Marcos, the annual national fair.

The attacks are reportedly coming from metal, punk and rockabilly music fans who dislike the emo look and attitude, according to LA Weekly’s Daniel Hernandez.

The violent attacks are partly being blamed on an on-air rant by ‘Televisa’ TV personality Kristoff who recently called emo ‘fucking bullshit’. Kristoff subsequently called for an end to the violence but it is thought he make take the fall if the government blames Televisa for the trouble.

On March 7 around 800 young people in the city of Querataro amassed against emos in the city resulting in many violent attacks, and a week later a similar incident occurred in Mexico City. Emos in both cities responded to the attacks by marching peacefully through the center of the cities.

Meanwhile, Chile is also seeing a wave of violence against emo, with TV station Chilevision showing an attack on a group of PokEMOns by skinheads. Emo’s in Chile are known as PokEMOns.


Courtesy of:



I don't understand Spanish fluently. But one can prettttttty much grasp what's going on.

.....What the fuck has the world come to?....that's ridiculous...its like a really twisted rendition of Westside Story....I can barely tell one group from the other....lol,twats.

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16 March 2008 @ 11:29 pm
so friday. was awesomeee.
iiiii got some snuggles in in the am, im a professional cuddler in case you didnt know ;)
actually went to class lol which sucks on a friday but its film studies class... we just watch movies :)
DUNKS... = my life
smoked a blunt with some ladies and drove around The Neighborhood
smoked again later with my girl Angie... which included playing GUITAR HERO (she can play on expert!!! she is THE guitar hero!!!), and while we played we cooked up bacon&cheddar potato skins from Friday's.. and THEN watched ALADDIN!!! the greatest! i was so happy lol i forgot how much i loved that movie
and then this kid who calls me all the time to smoke me up for free lol... comes by and rolls up 2 blunts... and we all go out and smoke those in the Neighborhood AND 3 more bowls of his...... 

i got SOOOO HIGHHH for FREE!!!!

i love when that happens.

i think Aladdin was the best part though lol

also, i blacked out completely last night... smoked 2 blunts and didnt even know it... always a good thing lol

"I don't black out, I time travel."

hope you ladies had a great weekend! i'll be at the bar all day tomorrow for St. Patty's Day!!!

and im off to smoke a goodnight blunt... :)
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12 March 2008 @ 03:11 am
Thought you ladies might find this interesting, i sure did


Oh, and check out this badass bong i found online. I'm thinking about ordering it. Yea?
11 March 2008 @ 02:57 am
i spent the night zonked on xanax and high as hell off an awesome blunt i rolled.

so i took pictures.

i never used the 'antiqued' thing in iphoto before. i think its pretty neat.

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okay. time to put on super troopers and go to sleeeep.
08 March 2008 @ 02:39 pm
 ive been highhh forrr dayssssssss

this whole college thing is turning way less academic than i planned lol
i might wanna work on that

i had the funniest convo with my friend the other day
it was the greatest - this was my fav part tho:

Ang: if i could ever have a super power
Ang: fuck flying or being invisible
Ang: id want to be able to make weed appear on command

spoken like a true pothead

anyways im high so im gonna go watch a movie and NAP on this lazy rainy dayyyyyy........ :)
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07 March 2008 @ 01:01 am
So girls... I got a question.

During winter break I went home from college and worked at a gas station. It was the only job I could find and my friends mom owned the place so we worked there together. I'm 18, almost 19 and I hung out with older people when I worked there. Not all the time just after work or something.

..There was Dee. the 30 year old.. She was ld who was pregnant when she was a teen and barely graduated high school. She's been working odd jobs to support her and her kid since... Anyway.. she works at the gas station I worked at.

There was also Debi. She was 40.. Used to be a physical therapist who was injured on the job really badly and never went back to work after she recovered. She's living with her parents (really because their old and senile) and she works at the gas station I worked at.

So anyway. over winter break I smoked with these girls and hung out a lot... It was fun. We had some good times. We had interesting talks and it was nice smoking with older people.

So when i got back to college my best friends here thought I was weird for smoking with them. Sure, my college friends are a little sheltered but I thought that that was ridiculous. Anyone else think so?

I dunno I think its because I'm used to hanging out with older people. My parents used to drag me to all of these political functions and music and hippie and reniassance functions only adults really hung out with. I always used to talk to these parents and older people and its just what I'm used to. So.. I mean.. although I know my parents and their friends didnt smoke.. me hanging out with these older people from work and smoking didnt seem like a big deal to me. And I don't know why it seems like a big deal to them.

Does anyone get what I'm saying? I think this post is just turning into a high ramble.
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04 March 2008 @ 03:43 pm
goes by...so slow.

im watching donnie darko and the beginning is reminding me of new years because i fell asleep to the dvd titlescreen that night. and its playing thunder.

this soundtrack is really good.
jake gyllenlalelele however youspell it, looks awful in  this movie. not cute at all.

also my day , er morning for ya:

mother fucker. [ i really should tone down my cussing]

woke up at 7:30, scarfed down some eggs, drove to work in the rainy weather.
ran to victoria's front door, "thats quite a task there! running with coffee"
"i know right? its not workin too well"
all the lights were on, hmph locked. knocked, rang. rang. waited. sat. rang. got up and ran to car. sat. waited. drove home.

went back to bed feeling guilty they open at 10 am and i slept til 11,called, "yea um was i suppose to work this morning because i got there at 8 and waited for 30 minutes"
"yea its from 8-12 midnight"
"oh....OHHHH....wow, ooooohkay then"


and this isnt a retarded mistake because i had to work from 8-4 on sunday.
so i figured the same.


im not actually annoyed at all.
more amused.
03 March 2008 @ 06:42 pm
Hey girlies, I came here because, well it relates to weed..and..relationship problems? So, here we go.

I've been with this girl for about a year now, coming up on March 9th, and I love her. I used to be really into coke and weed when we first met, and she told me she couldn't be with me if I did stuff like that. She was a straight girl, who I suppose went bisexual for me, it's a long story. But, she said that the only way she could ever be with me is if I stopped getting high and stop doing lines. I wanted her so badly, so, I knew only one way in..the situation. To stop smoking and better my self, in her eyes, I suppose....and I went crrrrazzzyyyyy for about a good 9 months. I went with out ms.mary for that long time, after being used to smoking a joint or two a day. I stopped coke, though, only because of the extreme circumstances.. See, the problem here is, I picked up smoking again, thought not heavily. We argue about it, but she doesn't know I smoke more than I say I do, and she hates it. Whatever am I going to do? I really need help, I'm not as happy as I used to be with her, because now all we do is argue. :/ help?

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